Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising with Google and Facebook Ads


What if you could increase sales while decreasing costs?

We offer full management sevices for Paid Search Advertising, including account setup, reporting, and ongoing management and optimizations that reduce your costs-per-sale over time.


Data-Driven Optimizations

Increase your ROI and decrease costs over time. After launching your ad campaigns, ongoing optimizations allow your ads to show to targeted groups who are most likely to visit your website and make a purchase.


PPC Remarketing

One of the most effective techniques for advertising. Boost sales and conversions by showing ads to people after they've shown interest in your business.


Daily Reporting

See the value of your ad campaigns in real time. Our reporting is updated every day to give you up-to-date stats on your ad campaigns including ROI, costs-per-acquisition, and more.


Display Advertising

Show highly-compelling ads with rich media that appear all over the Internet. Tensor helps identify the best websites on which to advertise your business.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising That Works

When we manage your ad campaigns, your bottom line is our top priority. Unlike 90% of account managers and agencies, we optimize our clients’ campaigns regularly to improve your ROI on an ongoing basis.